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The Art World

Latest: The Great Stradivarius Swindle.

Skulduggery in the Art World! Explore the murky worlds of the Venice opera house blaze, the “Renoir wars”, Nazi looting of Klimt masterpieces, Martha Graham's legacy, Strauss and the Nazis, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and the undocumented machinations of the international violin trade. Art World Index.

Miscarriages of Justice

New Book! Manhattan Murder Mystery

Read about injustices involving the murder of actor George Rose, Lois McMillen’s murder in the British Virgin Islands, the death of English singer Kirsty MacColl in Mexico, and the disappearance of Irene Silverman from the heart of Manhattan. Miscarriages of Justice Index.

Science & Psychology

Latest: The Body’s Secret Signature.

Read about the new era of deep-sea exploration, the body’s “secret signature”, the “memory game” micropsychoanalysis, and Genetic Sexual Attraction: the overwhelming, often sexual, emotions experienced by long-lost siblings and children. Science & Pscyhology Index.

Unsolved Mysteries

Read about mysterious skeletons, audacious museum heists and hoax Madonnas in Italy.

Unsolved Mysteries Index.

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