About the Author

Alix Kirsta is an author and freelance writer specialising in investigative features for publications including The Times and Sunday Times, Guardian Weekend and The Daily Telegraph.

Photo of Alix KirstaBorn in London into a central European theatrical family, in the 1980s Alix Kirsta briefly became a dance critic for BBC TV and broadcast regularly for over two years as Dance and Musical Theatre correspondent on LBC Radio while also writing on medicine and popular science for Vogue and other magazines.

After several years as Health Editor of Woman’s Journal, she began writing books and resumed a career as a freelance journalist specialising in the arts, psychology, popular science, social issues, and all aspects of crime and corruption. Her recent books include STRESS SURVIVAL (translated into fifteen languages and over 300,000 copies sold), VICTIMS, and DEADLIER THAN THE MALE, the first ever comprehensive study of criminality and violence in women.

Based in London, Alix Kirsta reports frequently from the United States, France, Italy and Austria and other parts of Europe. Her recent features include major cover stories and exclusive exposés of violent crimes, cults, miscarriages of justice, scientific controversies as well as corruption and dark deeds in the arts world. She has often taken part in Britsh and American TV and radio current affairs programmes, chat shows and debates on many subjects including sexual issues, female aggression, stress and the effects of disaster and violence. Recent appearances in the UK include: BBC TV ‘Kilroy’, ‘London Tonight’, ‘Good Morning’, Scottish TV’s ‘Scottish Women’, Channel 4’s ‘Living with Violence’, Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’, BBC ‘Five Live’, LBC, Capital Radio, GLR, Talk Radio and many regional BBC programmes.

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